Meet Callie de Wet

My name is Callie de Wet, a South African nature and wildlife photographer, born and bred in Namibia, currently residing in Gauteng. I photograph mainly wildlife and nature but also all things weird and wonderful that may cross my way.

Southern Africa is blessed with a wonderful biodiversity and eco zones. Its’ nature reserves and parks are world class and the majority of my wildlife images are from these parks.

I love the anticipation induced by photographing nature in motion, especially birds in flight. The way wings and feathers can have a life of their own when photographed in motion is a constant wonder and delight.

My website depicts many of these wonderful moments and places I was fortunate to see and photograph.

Keep an eye out for seasonal image gallery releases which showcase my latest work.

While all available images are sold in full colour by default they can also be supplied in sepia or black and white by request. If you would prefer this option please use the contact form to request prior to purchase.

I sell stock photography to customers across the globe and am thankful my client-base is as diverse as the photos I offer.

Don’t be shy, I invite you to get in touch with any questions you may have.

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